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The Rainbow Family Circus

How would you like to add your own family to the Rainbow Family Circus?

Because we would LOVE to have you!

We want to share the rainbow family love with as many people as possible. Because we are just a family who happens to love playing games (that conveniently has a graphic designer as a parent), we don’t have a big marketing budget. So… we are inviting you to join the fun – by inviting you to join the family too!


If you feel inspired to make a public post about our little game on one of your social channels – whether it be about the fun you had playing it, or your joy at discovering such an inclusive game, or even because you think it will make a great tool for education and diversity work – and you let us know that you have then you will be entered into a prize draw.

Once a month we will take all the people that have shared about us that month and we will draw out one name. If it’s yours, you will win a cartoon portrait of your own family in the style of the Rainbow Family Circus! We will send you your very own print AND we will feature you across our socials.

How cool is that???

Over time, we will get to add a whole delicious collection of family portraits in our gallery here. You never know, we may even make a special edition pack of cards including all of the families that feature over the year!

So what are you waiting for?

Get sharing on your socials, make sure your post is public, tag Rainbow Family Circus and send us the link using the form below. Every post you make gets one entry so you can enter more than once if you want to!

We will announce each winner at the start of the following month and share their portrait with the world!

We can’t wait to get to know you!


Can I enter more than once?

You absolutely can. You get one entry for every time you share publicly about our game on social media.

Do I need to have bought the game myself to enter?

Nope. If you received the game as a gift or if you played someone else’s copy of the game, as long as you share about the game on your own social channels then you get to enter.

Can two or more families enter if they played the game at the same time?

They can if they make a post each. It’s one entry per public post.

What happens if I win?

We will make a post that you have won and we will reach out to you for more information about your family, each member, their appearance and any special characteristics you’d like to include (usually 1 per person). We may ask for photos too, but they will only by used by us to create your portrait and not shared with anyone else.

What if we want to share but are worried about publicity/privacy?

Please use your own judgement. If you don’t want to or can’t have your kids’ faces on social media then please do not include their faces in any photos you share. We ask that you always ask for full consent from all people appearing in your post – including children AND their parent or guardian before you share.

We will not share photos of your family members, even if you do win. We will ask for them privately after you’ve won to use to help create the portrait but only the cartoon will get shared publicly – and only then after you have approved it. 


If privacy is an issue for you then we suggest that you only share something that you feel safe sharing – maybe you could share that you love the game personally, or that you know it will mean a lot to a lot of people – without sharing any personal information.

Can I commission my own family portrait if I don't win?

Not yet. This might be something we can do down the line but right now we are running this business on the side of other jobs and school, so have limited capacity.